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Counting number of posts in a category and its sub categories and displaying result using shortcode

Good morning everyone. I adopted the query solution for counting posts in categories that you published and I must say that it works well. I'm no expert but I'd say it doesn't take up a lot of ...
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How do I remove UL on wp_nav_menu?

<?php $params = array( 'theme_location' => 'menu_location', 'container' => false, 'echo' => false, 'items_wrap' => '%3$s', ); echo strip_tags(wp_nav_menu($params), '<...
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is there a list of actions on Wordpress

There's the two lists at the bottom of this page. That's about it for first-party documentation. Another handy resource is Adam Brown's WordPress Hooks Database, but that seems to be a little out of ...
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Processing data and redirecting with query string

Is everything I need to code here? If it works then yes! If it does not work then no there is stuff missing. Only you can answer this by opening the site and checking if it does what it's supposed to ...
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