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I need some CSS to get the following aligned

if you want to align all the thing you will need to set fixed height for image container. you can do it using simple css; img { max-height: 250px; min-height: 250px; object-fit: contain; } it is just ...
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Remove top admin bar

To remove the top admin bar you need to go to Users in the left Menu, then Edit the user and then disable the Show toolbar when viewing website checkbox. Save. Done. Do this to all users.
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Child Theme style.css changes aren't showing. Parent "style-less.css" over rides it, and won't update

You must enqueue your child theme's stylesheet from the child theme's functions.php file, as you would any other stylesheet. Specifying the parent theme's stylesheet handle as a dependency is a good ...
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str_replace inside specific css files

No, because the CSS file isn't loaded in and parsed by PHP—it's just "printed" to the browser at the appropriate time. You can, however, add inline styles to an enqueued stylesheet, which ...
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