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Wordpress search field won't get wider

Over on, A user commented that targeting this path: header, header .search input { width: 100%; } might work and it did. I didn't realize that targeting the form would ...
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Editing size of h3 tag in wordpress on a one-off basis

If you'd like to use <h3> tags that are the same size as your <h4> tags only on one page, add a specific class to each of the <h3> tags you'd like that size. In the Classic Editor, ...
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How to add arbitrary custom CSS to a Wordpress Block Theme using Site Editor?

In WordPress 6.1.1 (released 2022-11) this is not possible in the UI. But good news: In Wordpress 6.2 (to be released somewhen March 2023) this will be possible! Was introduced as an experimental ...
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Modal pop-up HTML code works on other sites or HTML viewers but not in the custom HTML block within a wordpress page?

There are a couple of issues with what you are trying to do. See this for reference: Wordpress support for Custom HTML blocks First, you cannot reliably add JS code directly into any block, which is ...
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