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add custom image to bottom of wordpress default login screen

Yes, you can use the login_footer action to add code before the closing </body> tag (untested): add_action( 'login_footer', static function () { echo '<img src="..." />'; } );
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Can't change login logo & css - older plugin data blocking?

Found it! If you are googling ypyp-sym-tsym, almost nothing comes up, so I'm adding the answer here, in case somebody else stumbles upon this issue. The plugin that added this was yellowpencil (ypyp), ...
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Override theme hamburger menu to work without javascript (noscript)

Classic Themes What wordpress hooks can be used to override how the primary menu is displayed in my wordpress header's navigation menu -- ideally in a way that will work cross-theme. This isn't ...
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Add custom css to specific user

In the code that you proposes the selector only works if previously added the attributes in the HTML. It is easier if you load a specific stylesheet just for certain users: Create a new CSS file with ...
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hide specific css and js files in specific page wordpress with id or without?

If you're not wanting something to load on the front page, wrap it in a !is_front_page() check. !is_front_page() will check if the current page is your site's base URL (regardless of whether you have ...
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Prevent part of plugin loading in another menu

Managed to sort it out with css code .hp-menu__item { display: none; }
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WordPress backend is loading without style

Probably some (cache) plugin does this in your admin Add this in config. define( 'CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS', false );
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