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Change the slug of post type using custom code

There is a function called wp_unique_post_slug which is called whenever you save a post. This function contains a filter of the same name that you can use to modify the slug, depending on, for ...
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Adding content to the top of post's based on their category

You can use the the_content filter for this: add_filter( 'the_content', 'wpse420024_filter_content' ); /** * Conditionally adds content above the post content. * * @param string $content The post ...
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set role specific screen options in post summary page

You would use the default_hidden_columns filter. Here's an example of what I did to hide a column in the Media Library: add_filter( 'default_hidden_columns', function( array $hidden, WP_Screen $screen ...
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How can I specify a category post on my home page

Quick example we are using in HoverCraft inside index.php that fails gracefully, which will affect either your homepage and/or "Posts page" depending on your settings: <?php ...
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Show posts assigned to multiple categories in current category page

That's because that's what you're asking for: 'category__in' => array($category), It's only going to show posts in that category. You shouldn't be using get_posts() or WP_Query() in category.php. ...
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Show category name in category.php when posts assigned to multiple categories

For the heading on a category archive use either: the_archive_title(); Or: single_term_title(); The first one can be used on the template for any archive, while the second should only be used on ...
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Creating posts with links from a txt file

I think you get errors because you create duplicated posts named as "test". Postcreator function's 1rst argument should be dynamic, hot hardcoded. When you activate the plugin the loop is ...
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Hide page title on dedicated posts page

With the limited information here, it's hard to point you in the right I'll try my best. Assumptions: You are using the WordPress theme twentytwentythree or newer The best way I've ...
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