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Ajax response from Media Selection does not update ALL information more than once

So, I figured out why this only worked once, and not every time afterward. I have the ID and URL wrapped in a <span> with an ID and class tied to it. However when the if(response.success === ...
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Check if user is logged in using JQuery

I am using an alternative way without ajaxurl and body class. I just don't trust the body class, that might not exist in all of the themes. In functions.php you should have: add_action( 'wp_body_open',...
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Help with jquery/ajax requests

I figured it out. I was creating the form when a button was clicked. I had to put the replyform submit within that function. Working now.
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Translating the "Everything" filter menu in Quicksand jquery file

You should be able to pass the language across using wp_localize_script(). So you're obviously enqueuing your own custom javascript file, lets say that file is called createlist.js. I assume you're ...
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