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How to get author ID when an author page is being viewed?

try is_author()){ $author_id=esc_attr(get_query_var('author')); if (empty($author_id) || !is_numeric($author_id)) { $author_id=sanitize_user(get_query_var('author_name')...
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Pass media upload value to input field

Try to target the Id's of input fields rather than classes. That will work out fine. And in Save_Function, make sure that each image is saved seperatly and have its URL available.
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WordPress Customizer add_control Dropdown of Pages with Multi Select?

Yes, this is possible, but you will have to really, really want it. It's difficult, because WordPress does not natively support the multiple argument on select inputs in the customizer. You can see ...
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How do I redirect all 404 errors of a specific post type to another URL?

function unlisted_jobs_redirect(){ // Check if it's a 404 page if( is_404()){ global $wp_query; // Check if WordPress has determined the post_type from the request // and if it's the type you're ...
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Calling a function via a shortcode in javascript

I'm afraid the code you've shared is rather wonky and there isn't just one thing that is backwards. Here are the first few things that came into my mind. add_filter( 'learn-press/after-content-item-...
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Programmatically convert single classic block to individual blocks via PHP

I ended up writing a function that wraps the <p> tags in the block comments. This forced the content to be individual paragraph blocks in the editor. My content was only paragraphs but other ...
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do_blocks not working with a custom block

It could be that the block is processing CSS, and that CSS processing has already occured. You need to thus run the do block in the header, or that is the solution I've been told. I've not gotten it ...
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How can I make my custom shortcode work in a Custom HTML Widget?

For the Custom HTML Widget it's better to use this hook: add_filter( 'widget_custom_html_content', 'do_shortcode' );
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Why PHP Parse unmachet after update to PHP8?

I'm having the same exact issue. Same message in PHP 8 but not in PHP 7.4. The code is properly indented, ect. and can't find a single issue.
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Get generated block styles programmatically

We can look at the source of the wp_head() function: function wp_head() { /** * Prints scripts or data in the head tag on the front end. * * @since 1.5.0 */ do_action( '...
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Wordpress Gutenberg Custom Block the viewScript does not get loaded on the frontend when my block is inserted

Problem solved. If there's anybody that has the same problem as me, go into the *.php file where you're trying to render the block. Make sure that you're using the_content() in order to render the ...
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PHP If user is logged in & on home page redirect

Here is the full code, tested and working fine (to be added in functions.php) : add_action ( 'template_redirect', 'redirect_my_homepage' ); function redirect_my_homepage(){ if ( is_user_logged_in() &...
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Send emails to individual subscribers when CPT post is deleted (trashed)

Just use the $subscriber_email[] array in the foreach() loop at the bottom of your function (where you are sending out the emails to all subscribers). It's not necessary to do any of the other data ...
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Adding a css class to the gallery

If you look at the gallery shortcode you will see that you are using the wrong filter. With post_gallery you can override the complete html of the shortcode. Your code performs a str_replace on an ...
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Remove admin bar for subscribers

You can use "AdminBar Editor" Plugin for Editing Admin Bar Items: or, use the code below for hide Admin bar for Subscribers. function ...
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