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Change Dashboard menu position?

Yes, we can change position using admin_menu hook // Hook into the admin_menu action add_action('admin_menu', 'rearrange_admin_menu', 999); function rearrange_admin_menu() { global $menu; // ...
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Add separator to admin submenu

After all the years since this post exists, after hours of research on the Internet and digging through the WordPress source code and the fact that nothing has changed in the WordPress core, I have ...
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How to increase page title font size in twenty seventeen wordpress theme for static home page and single column option

The :not(.twentyseventeen-front-page) in the existing rule you have means don't apply this CSS rule to the front page. So if you do want to apply the CSS rule to the front page, remove the :not() so ...
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Adding "Changelog" as a second tab to the auto updater custom plugin

I believe you have to add it into your plugin data array, see below: $packages['plugin-slug'] = [ 'versions' => [ '1.0.0' => [ 'name' => 'WP Awesome ...
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