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woocommerce_package_rates not fired everytime

That's because the rates are cached; they should update upon an address change, or when the basket has been modified. To force WooCommerce to fetch the latest rates, which in turn triggers your filter,...
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Ajax call always returns 0

important think do,hook action correctly add function.php i face same issues ,i try this all methods,but simple think i missed require my action file to functions.php add_action( '...
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How do I reinit Wordpress plugins dynamically using jS?

Thanks you so much @van for sharing this. I was struggling with this for a while to use a WP Plugin with Barba page transition. I would also like to share my implementation. Before you try this, make ...
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How to run an ajax call in elementor editor

In my option, you cant use function of widgets class as ajax callback because widget class should be initiated again.
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Cannot get user's ACF data when using a template part in a WP_User_Query

You need to pass the variables to the template using the 3rd parameter of get_template_part: get_template_part( string $slug, string|null $name = null, array $args = array() ): void|false https://...
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How to export custom database data to excel file

I recommend using the WPAllExport plugin; it's super customisable, and it's doing a bunch of the heavy lifting. I've used it successfully to manage the exporting of event data in super complex ...
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