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Disable Media File Image Link On Mobile Devices

There are no default settings in WordPress for this but you can design listings using CSS or if your theme has any builder activated then the builder too has settings for individual pages where you ...
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Edit image preview is not displayed

Make sure that not only wp-config.php, and functions.php has no empty lines. In my case it was one of my custom theme files, which was included with include PHP function inside of single.php file. I ...
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Allow unregistered users to post embeded images from other sites in comments

To allow unregistered users to post embedded images from other sites in comments, you will need to modify wp comment handling to permit certain HTML tags for unregistered users. By default, wp ...
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WP "optimizing" PNGs into thumbnails 5X larger than originals - FIX

Rather than messing with it yourself, this is a great scenario in which to consider offloading it to a third party (and also using modern formats like WebP). Something like or other ...
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Set Featured Image of a post

To set a featured image when creating a post using wp_insert_post(), you can use the set_post_thumbnail() function // Create the post $post_id = wp_insert_post($args); // Check if the post was ...
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'Add Media' to post - filter images

Well I have figured out the answer to my question. As mentioned in the comments, I'm making an ajax call to get the list of entries for the custom 'select' dropdown. In the ajax function, I'm ...
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Wordpress Media Library showing wrong preview size?

This is less a fix, and more of a hack to possibly achieve what you need. In my case, WP was using the largest possible image size as the preview thumbnail in the Media Library. As noted in other ...
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