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How to add year and month path to old attachment images?

If you want to change the post thumbnail URL, use the filter wp_get_attachment_url; Try to follow the next code: // NAV: Change the url for thumbnail for post function ...
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Wordpress won't generate image sizes for certain images

Increasing memory to 32GB and everything else did not work. Image sizes > 2106 Pixels werde not generated (Source is 60MP). What worked was favouring the second choice image editor GD by adding: ...
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Edit image preview is not displayed

The solution that worked for me I found here: "Just go to php.ini where xampp is installed, assuming ...
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Uploading media to wordpress API with C# HttpClient

Change your URL to begin with https:// - it looks like WordPress authentication only works when TLS is employed, and that's good practice anyway. Look at the response from the server. It will tell you ...
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Wordpress built-in compression of images? How well does it compare to Photoshop or Shortpixel?

When it comes to compressing images for your WordPress site, the built-in compression in newer WordPress versions is quite effective and convenient. It automatically optimizes images during the upload ...
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