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What is considered good practice for registering menu locations?

In my opinion your approach of registering multiple menus for different footer sections and social links is a good practice in WP theme development because it provides more flexibility and clarity to ...
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Gulp dev environment set up for Wordpress theme development

Check out WP Rig. It already does all of this.
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What is theme-compat?

Chip Bennett’s answer from 2012 is no longer accurate today. In particular, the following files in /wp-includes/theme-compat/ are responsible for how an oEmbed iframe renders whenever they’re not ...
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How to create new title and its description inside a section in WP Customizer?

To add a new title and its description inside a section in the WordPress Customizer, you'll need to add a custom_control for this purpose. You can create a custom control class for displaying the ...
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