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Sanitizing URL in a WordPress plugin

I have added a code with some details. You have to convert the URL into parts and then check it and sanitize it. // Parsing the URL $parse = parse_url($pageURL); // If the parsing was successful, ...
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how to ensure url uses post_name and not query post id?

I found two possible solutions to my problem : 1. the link to the post should not use permalink the problem is actually that a draft post has a permalink with its post_id instead of post_name, as ...
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Modify Post URL Programmatically

When you are using wp_insert_post() there is a param post_name. If you do not pass it then it will sanitise your post title and update. You only have control to add post_name but the full URL is ...
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Help with coding a link for a button in WordPress with The Events Calendar Plugin

They are using a gravity form for the old website. Gravity forms has a feature where the 'event name' and other values can be passed to the form to create the details for the event billing. Using ...
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Start post pagination at 0 instead of 1

it is possible to start post pagination count at zero instead of 1 in WP. You can achieve this by customizing the pagination links generated by Wordpress add code below your functions.php file ...
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