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How to structure a plugin

I've developed a GitHub template repository for WordPress plugins, encapsulating over 10 years of experience into a structured blueprint! 😊 ...
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Cannot register a custom WP-CLI command

You are trying to add a subcommand to a non-existing command posts according to the error message. Modify it to a single word command like posts-scan or add a subcommand to an existing command, like ...
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How to create new title and its description inside a section in WP Customizer?

To add a new title and its description inside a section in the WordPress Customizer, you'll need to add a custom_control for this purpose. You can create a custom control class for displaying the ...
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how to escape alert/window.location.replace with variable

how do I esc them? You don't, both approaches are fundamentally wrong in multiple ways that make them irrecoverable. First Case echo "<script> alert( 'Authorization successful. Hello ' + '$...
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