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How to display WordPress Twenty Twenty-Four's built-in custom field in a post (or page)?

The easiest way I've found of doing this is to install the plugin ACF Views Lite, which you can do from Plugins > add new plugin, and create a view for your field. This will generate a short-code ...
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Custom fields empty after refreshing page

Try adding this save function to see if it saves data function save_custom_artiesten_metabox_on_reload() { global $post; if (isset($_POST['oa_datum']) && isset($_POST['oa_aanvang']) &...
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how to compare date meta value in jet smart filter Date query?

for those who are looking for this, after going thru various posts and articles, got it right, attached the image of correct way to do it. thanks all who tried to help. right way to do it. make sure ...
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how to compare date meta value in jet smart filter Date query?

Direct SQL functions like str_to_time won't work within the value field of metaqueries. You need to provide actual date values. To compare between today and the next 7 days, you will need to calculate ...
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Custom post type needs to capability to create and edit by some specific user role

See if this article, which I published last year, helps.
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