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Change WordPress image URLs via filter

I always use these two filters for my local WP environment with a remote database connection: add_filter('pre_option_upload_path', function ($upload_path) { return '/wp-content/uploads/'; }); ...
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Featured Video replacing Featured Image

WordPress does not have its own function for this yet. You can do this with a plugin
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How to Make Thumbnail of Post Stay Animated

To keep the message thumbnail animated, it is common to use the GIF format for the image. You can find a step-by-step guide on the internet on how to achieve this. As for creating a deposit gif from a ...
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Fallback default image when there is no featured image

None of the above worked for me. Adding this to my child theme's functions.php causes a default image to be used on the front end for every post that has no featured image set: function ...
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Thumbnail size problem Desktop vs Mobile site

I also got exactly this problem. This is not theme related, or, if it is, there is ALOT of themes with this problem. Currently having the same issue on Oxygenbuilder pages.
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