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Cannot Upload Video (MP4) File

I would suggest you upload the video to YouTube or other video upload sites. And then embed it on your website. Unless your website has a large storage and high-performance hosting server, video will ...
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Cannot Upload Video (MP4) File

The post_max_size line was still set to 16M. I set it to match upload_max_filesize and the file uploaded without error.
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Can not access .txt file which I uploaded through media

WordPress isn't doing this, those files are served by the server underneath WordPress, aka Nginx/Apache/etc. This is because there's a cost to loading WordPress and you don't want to pay that cost for ...
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Moving uploads directory above wordpress directory. UPLOADS location in parent directory

Now, do not ask me why, but the UPLOADS constant the upload_path option seem to work different. While declaring define( 'UPLOADS', '../uploads' ); generates this:
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