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sub-category showing up in wrong order in breadcrumbs

As you said, you've a category (parent one) named as Oregon and its sub-category 'Southern', therefore, Oregon / Southern is the correct output. It seems others are in wrong order. If Oregon is parent ...
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Check if a post is in any child category of a parent category

Update for using custom taxonomies: /** * Tests if any of a post's assigned categories are descendants of target categories * * @param int|array $cats The target categories. Integer ID or array of ...
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Show some texts in posts belonging to Specific category

It seems you are pointing to this div class "repair-tool". Correct? If yes then you can modify your code like the below: <?php if( in_category( 1234, $post->ID ) ){ echo '<div ...
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Removing all Category pages with one exception

You can just change the if (is_category()){ line: // Remove category archives add_action('template_redirect', 'jltwp_adminify_remove_archives_category'); function ...
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