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How to get and set post meta for core/navigation-link?

If it's a menu item in a classic menu, then yes, you could use useEntityProp to get and set the menu item's post meta, except that the post type is actually nav_menu_item and that you would need to ...
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Link to Author archive from Navigation Menus in dashboard?

I think you are getting confused about how you would control a grid of authors on a page. It's not something you would control through the menus part of WordPress as that is designed to simply be used ...
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How to get and set post meta for core/navigation-link?

You would do it like this: const [ meta, setMeta ] = useEntityProp( 'postType', 'menuItem', 'meta', postId ); Importantly, menuItem is a post type, not a top level object type. You would only ...
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How To Create Footer Menu Location For The Latest 2024 Cirkle Theme

To add your custom menus (Footer 1 and Footer 2) to the footer in your WordPress site using the Cirkle Theme, especially when you have limited coding experience, you can follow these steps. Since the ...
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