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woocommerce_package_rates not fired everytime

That's because the rates are cached; they should update upon an address change, or when the basket has been modified. To force WooCommerce to fetch the latest rates, which in turn triggers your filter,...
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WooCommerce related products load random posts per page

if you want to avoid writing code you can use this plugin which allows you to extrapolate all the related products for woocommerce based on your sorting and data preferences via the query builder. ...
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Woocommerce custom "My Account" Tab - Add Save button

Basically, if you output your custom form fields on a custom My Account tab, it means you're outside of my account form territory - you should wrap the fields in their own custom form (tag), and you ...
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How do we ReWrite HTACCESS to point a cat/subcat Product URL, to Cat/ only?

When I refresh the error page, it just refreshes. If the rule has been put in the correct place in the .htaccess file (ie. near the top of the file before the existing WordPress code block) then you ...
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global $product is empty string when passed into function

So, I started to rewrite functions by declaring the global $product at the top of my functions.php file, This is why it stopped working, because the global statement has to be inside the same scope ...
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woocommerce with custom post type

@MamunurRashid Custom Post Type WooCommerce Integration Really Awesome plugin. I had been looking for solutions like this, and your comment was the one that truly helped me find what I was searching ...
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