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Updates applied to staging WordPress site affecting production even with different databases

I have resolved my issues by reviewing the Redis Cache plugin installation guide and making the following changes inside the wp-config.php files on each WordPress installation. The define( '...
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Re-creating a Wordpress database

SSH in and use the wp-cli command: wp db reset After that you will have to go through the WordPress installation process again. The installation won't delete any plugin or theme files (tested in 2023)...'s user avatar
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Can't change login logo & css - older plugin data blocking?

Found it! If you are googling ypyp-sym-tsym, almost nothing comes up, so I'm adding the answer here, in case somebody else stumbles upon this issue. The plugin that added this was yellowpencil (ypyp), ...
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Wordpress post on home page of my website

Step 1: Update WordPress General Settings Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard. Go to Settings > General. Look for the fields labeled "WordPress Address (URL)" and "Site Address (...
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WordPress hook which triggers on post import

I checked and found none in WordPress Importer 0.8.1 fireing after all insertion of a posts have been made (terms, postmeta, comments) Solution 1: You can use the built in WordPress hook that fires ...
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Where is the order of a menu saved in the database

old post but a weird answer, maybe this is more current: fields for a post are either in the wp_posts table or the wp_postmeta, the one for menu_order is in wp_posts. You can use the menu_order ...
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WPDB Insert or if exists Update

use $wpdb->insert, $wpdb->insert can insert and update too.. IN 2023 EDIT $wpdb->insert not update the row , use $wpdb->replace
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Understanding Redundant postmeta Tables in WordPress Database

Is it normal to have multiple postmeta tables in a WordPress database? No, each site has a single post/user/term and comment meta table. A multisite will have a set of those tables for each site in ...
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