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Users as team members through a loop in elementor

I am in dire need of a solution for this. This is the only Support article and only article I can find on creating a Query to populate users within the "Elementor" loop grid. I need to ...
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WordPress user password reset not working

I think you can use this plugin to see what error is thrown when email password reset is sent from your website.
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WordPress user password reset not working

Check the error.log files in site root and wp-admin folder for any clues. It's also possible a plugin is interfering with the mail() command - maybe one that changes the login? You could temp disable ...
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redirect to my login page if not logged in

This is how I managed a similar situation - to allow logged in authors access to a topics pitch form - using these steps (I'll add my code examples below): I put the form in a Hidden Div that was ...
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WP User Query fails when searching meta queries and search columns

Because Emil's answer is deprecated by now here is my update solution which uses pre_get_users filter instead of pre_users_query to attach the correct filter and also remove it again afterwards so it ...
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How to check if a user exists by a given id

This function I'm using doesn't necessarily change how the count is retrieved from the other answers here, it just simplifies the return as a boolean value by strictly comparing the count to 1. /** * ...
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