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How to disable Yoast meta description for all pages

This should do the job: <?php /** Plugin Name: wpse425362 Description: Site specific code changes for */ if (!defined('ABSPATH')) exit; // Exit if accessed directly /** * Removes ...
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Why isn't my embed_video WYSIWYG field updating when using update_post_meta?

I found the issue. The issue is with Advanced Custom Fields(ACF). update_post_meta did not work for this field. ACF wanted me to reference the field by ID rather than title and to use update_field ...
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Convert post meta to custom taxonomy?

I just had to do this, so I'm sharing the code I wrote to move the author name for a book from post meta to its custom taxonomy. Maybe is not perfect but it does the job. I've placed this code in ...
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WordPress is stripping escape backslashes from JSON strings in post_meta

I know this is an old question, but it's still an issue impacting developers today. So as a reference, here's a good thread from the wordpress core issues tracker that I found informative: https://...
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