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WordPress 6.1.1 shows deprecated errors with PHP 8.1 & 8.2

This is not actually an error, rather a deprecation notice. Which means, future versions of PHP will remove some old language features, so the developers should be aware of it. Info. for WordPress: ...
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Suppress deprecated notices

This is probably the most "WordPress" way to do it. The code MUST go in your wp-config file, after the WP_DEBUG (and any other) defines because this particular filter runs before any plugins ...
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wp theme.. Could not create directory

If it's for MAC & localhost, the solution is easy. Go to your Wordpress directory & change the permissions. HOW? Clicking right button, more information (command+i), Sharing & Permissions. ...
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Lots of warnings and errors instead of my WordPress site - Synology NAS - Intranet

It's very tough to tell exactly what the issue is from only this PHP warning, but it seems to be related to the car_repair_mechanic_setup() function within your theme. Since you can't reach the admin ...
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Admin notice on wp_insert_post

Hooks cannot be added directly inside functions. Using do_action, you can invoke a custom hook. In your case try out the below solution: add_action( 'wp_insert_post', 'automate_intercom', 10, 3 ); ...

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