This: update_post_meta(42, 'my_meta_key', [ 'my_meta_value_1', 'my_meta_value_2', 'my_meta_value_3', ]); Changes a single post meta, but the value is an array, and you can't put a array in the database, it wants a string for that column. So WordPress serializes it into a string and saves the result. So I have a question, are either of these two ...


Check your wp-config.php file and find $table_prefix = 'aojsfj_'; in it, if you replace the value to empty string you would be able to remove all prefix from all your tables. Please note if you remove this from live website, it will ask you to reinstall your website.


You can try and update the table using $wpdb->update, I am using the id in the following code, but you can use any criteria. $result = $wpdb->update($tableName, $info, array('id' => $info["id"])); //If nothing found to update, it will try and create the record. if ($result === FALSE || $result < 1) { $wpdb->insert($tableName, $...

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