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How to use 2 different databases but share the same user in wordpress

It is likely not worth the risk. A possible problem is that one site changes user data in a way the other site will not be able to understand, breaking it. So... the initial requirement for such a ...
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Access website using hosts due to expired domain

Find the IP Address of the Website use command nslookup replace from your expired domain Edit the hosts File Open Notepad as an administrator (Right-click Notepad and ...
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Access website using hosts due to expired domain

I seem to have fixed the problem by disabling secure DNS on Chrome Settings >>> Privacy and Security >>> Security >>> Use Secure DNS This is apparently not allowing the ...
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How would I use pre_get_posts to query another site for posts in my multisite network?

Afaik there is no built in way to query posts of different Multisite instances, so you can only build a custom query, use "switch_to_blog" in a loop with all blogs, or use a custom WP_Query ...
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