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Joey, When you have a child theme you have the ability to take specific templates from the parent theme, copy the file into your child theme and then make edits. The template file in your child theme will override what the one in the parent theme is doing. Using WooCommerce as an example, if we look into your parent theme you'll want to find a file called ...


I hope my answer will help someone, I was searching for an answer for a couple of hours. So I found the template in woocommerce/myaccount/form-reset-password.php Copy that file to your custom theme (remember to keep the same file location (with all the folders)), and make changes inside it, but keep all "do_action" functions.


The theme_page_templates filter is not available anymore, please use the theme_templates filter instead. add_filter( 'theme_templates', 'filter_template_dropdown' );


It's "possible" - but might be imprecise - as you need to find a clean and accurate way to break your content - for example by adding "flags" or html comments to denote where to break it - these can easily be deleted by an editor if they don't understand what they do. If not, you can programmatically split the content, but you will need ...

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