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<?php $booking_url = get_permalink('15551'); echo $booking_url; ?>


if( is_page('Vehicle') ) { // code here } this will definitely work on page.php file please move there and check. [NB]: // replace your page id | slug | array with Vehicle


You can filter 404_template and return the path of your custom file from the plugin directory like this: add_filter( '404_template', fn() => plugin_dir_path( __FILE__ ) . '404.php' ); This hook exists only when a 404 happens, so you don't need any custom detection.


Ok, I have found the problem. At some point in the history of my site I installed a theme which inserted a lot of dummy data. This made pages that have the "Lorem Ipsum" text in the post_excerpt. A year later, I switched to Astra Pro theme and Elementor, which do NOT show the Excerpt editor. I then customised the existing pages and forgot about it, ...

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