I've got a multi-site Wordpress website @ http://angelcard.example.com/logmein

It has domain mapping applied and the domain loads as: http://angelcard.com.au/logmein

On the client's PC http://angelcardreadings.co/logmein loads a blank page.

However, the website loads okay on my PC, but not on my client's PC.

I have tried clearing the browser cache on the client's PC, and another browser as well, but I can't identify what the problem is.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


How can you have a site at http://angelcard.example.com/logmein? The address isn't invalid.

For the other link you provided http://angelcard.com.au/logmein DNS does not resolve, at least from my connection. It also does not resolve from AWS in N. Virginia.

/usr/home/bill/> nslookup angelcard.com.au

** server can't find angelcard.com.au: NXDOMAIN

Were DNS records recently created for angelcard.com.au? Maybe there just hasn't been enough time for DNS to propagate.

Since it works from your PC I wonder if you have a local hosts file entry?

Check the result of nslookup on your PC and you client's PC

  • Hi BillK. example.com is usually used as an example domain. – Steve Feb 8 '16 at 9:51
  • Yeah, I know about example.com. Your angelcard.com.au DNS still doesn't work; that is a problem. – BillK Feb 8 '16 at 17:49
  • Apologies. Should be angelcardreadings.co/logmein – Steve Feb 9 '16 at 4:37
  • The login link, and the front end, are working for me. Is your client getting the white screen on the logmein page only, or on the front end as well? – BillK Feb 9 '16 at 7:34

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