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2 answers

Weblog clients cannot retrieve posts: An invalid hexadecimal character (0x7) was found in the element content of the document

Error blog: Problem: Unable to retrieve posts. Reproduced with Weblog clients Windows Live Writer, ScribeFire, and Qumana. The error message on the invalid hexadecimal ...
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1 answer

Formatting error while publishing theblog from Microsoft Word

I am trying to publish a blog post into wordpress based website from Microsoft Word. Here is the sample text that I added in Microsoft which I published as well. " Temporary Blog Post I am ...'s user avatar
1 vote
1 answer

Windows Live Writer - "Create a New Page" option disabled. How to update account configuration to enable Page Capability

I'm completely stumped as to how I can update my account configuration in Windows Live Writer to enable Page Capability so I can select "Create a new page" at the menu option. That option is currently ...
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1 answer

Wordpress and Windows Live Writer

I've just been trying windows live writer with my WordPress blog. When I upload my posts from WLW to WordPress and then check them in the WordPress editor, they are a hideous mess of tags etc that ...
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1 answer

Windows Live Writer inconsistent with Media Library

I'm considering moving my existing blog from DasBlog to WordPress. While doing some tests to see if I did like the platform I ran into following problem: I'm using Windows Live Writer to write my ...
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1 answer

Any Good Wordpress Client Like Live Writer To Create Static Pages

I want to publish static pages on Wordpress quickly. Live Writer is a very good client for formatting and publishing blog posts. But I couldn't find a way to use it for publishing static pages. Is ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Best Live Writer plugins to post code snippets on WordPress?

I have a blog about programming hosted on To post code snippets I use the SyntaxHighlighter plugin that is installed on that platform, and I'm very happy with it. Now, I'd like to use ...
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