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How to protect my credentials on my clients website

I work with many different clients and I know some will try other freelancers eventually. Right now, my password is stored in my clients database. Is there any way to make this process safe? I would ...
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Adding Microsoft Teams Incoming Webhook to WordPress, Problem with Rest Route?

I am trying to implement an incoming webhook on my WordPress website to send a message to MS Teams when I receive a form submission. The message includes an ActionCard with a multiple choice input ...
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How to set up MS Exchange Autodiscover alongside Wordpress

My client's IT person has thrown up a flag regarding their need to use MS Exchange Autodiscover service, and that potential issues may possibly arise (ie as a result of sharing the domain with the ...
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How do I insert a shape onto an image and then play an audio file upon mouse hover or mouse click on that shape in Wordpress

I love the feature MS PowerPoint offers where I can freehand draw a shape onto an image/video, then easily add an Action upon mouse hover or click of said shape. I need the same feature on my ...
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Sorting wordpress data in excel

I'm looking for a way to more quickly input wordpress data into excel.I need to create an overview of evaluations we receive for events, that include ratings (very satisfied etc) and sections where ...
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CRUD from WordPress to Business Central 365 through OData REST API

The goal here is to use WordPress as a front-end to create, read, update and delete data which is being pulled from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central through OData Webservices in a JSON format. ...
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Options on how to Display member specific data from a MS SQL database

I am in the conceptual stage still but I want to create a word press database that will do the following in the following scenario: Lets say i have 10 sales people in my store. I want them to be ...
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How do I configure WordPress to talk to a Microsoft SQL Server database?

We have are building a WordPress site on our intranet site and wish to connect it to a Microsoft SQL Server. I have downloaded and configured PHP and PHP Manager on IIS. I have also downloaded SQL ...
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Send Contact form 7 data to remote server using .NET api [closed]

Problem I want to send my wordpress form data to my .Net API. Link of my api I am using Contact form 7 and also use contact ...
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Wordpress login screen not appearing after launch in microsoft azure [closed]

I just launched a wordpress instance on azure but when I go to the URL, I get the following: This web app has been successfully created There's nothing here yet, but Microsoft Azure makes it ...
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Remove hidden formatting when user paste text from MS Word into TinyMCE

Around a fifth of post submissions that I receive contains ridiculous amounts of hidden formatting. For example, here is some of it from a recent post: <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <w:...
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Microsoft Word documents to Wordpress pages adding paragraph tags

I have read through a variety of different questions here and on Google. I think my question has an answer that I do not want. Anyways, I have been given 10 or so different documents with a fair ...
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Formatting error while publishing theblog from Microsoft Word

I am trying to publish a blog post into wordpress based website from Microsoft Word. Here is the sample text that I added in Microsoft which I published as well. " Temporary Blog Post I am ...'s user avatar
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Put Microsoft Excel xlsx document

I want display Microsoft Excel xlsx sheet in wordpress. How i can do that? Also it will be looking like excel sheet. Thanks.
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How do I convert a mathematical Microsoft Word document to a WordPress blog post?

I have a Microsoft Word document which I would like to convert to WordPress. The document is in Hebrew. It contains mathematical equations generated with MathType. It also contains images. Just ...
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How can I publish Word files to a WordPress blog without losing the footnotes?

I would like to take the contents from Microsoft Word files and convert them into WordPress blog posts without losing the footnotes. I've tried many different methods but have not found a simple ...
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Easy way to import a post from Word?

I have a post written in Microsoft Word with images, text and some formating. Is there some easy way to import this document into WordPress? Either a plugin for Word og perhaps a plugin inside ...
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WordPress Sitemap for MSSQL

Does anyone know a proper sitemap plugin for WordPress that works with MS Sql? Here is the error I get: Array ( [0] => Array ( [0] => 42000 [SQLSTATE] => 42000 ...
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WordPress Install Issue, Receive Warnings But Successful Install

I get the following warning on my installation. It installs successfully but I'm not sure whether or not these issues are vital to my blog. I'm using IIS, anyone know why I'm having these issues and ...
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How can I filter Microsoft Word gunk from pasted content?

I have some users who are posting to a group blog and are able to cut-and-paste but their pastes include things like: <!– /* Font Definitions */ @font-face {font-family:”Cambria Math”; panose-1:2 ...
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