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Modify a Filters Second Parameter

I have this filter: $post_arr = apply_filters('insert_product_post_data', $post_arr, $data); add_filter('insert_product_post_data', 'my_filter', 10, 2); function my_filter($post_arr, $data) { //...
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Is there a list / reference for all current native WordPress blocks?

I'm working on a theme that should style all native WordPress blocks via CSS, including potentially extending them with custom 'style' options in the block editor via JS. Does anyone know of a list or ...
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How to check from which page the user is coming to the current page?

Is there a way of doing this with WordPress aside from using $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']? Maybe something like a blend of $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] and is_category(). Something like, came_from_category( ...
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Javascript inserted from Plugin pointing to wrong location

This has happened time and time again on multiple sites. When it happens, it forces me to start with a fresh install of WordPress to get around it. The most recent example is on the WP Forms Lite ...
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How best to store data (URLs and IDs) extracted from posts and pages using custom taxonomies

I want to store metadata extracted from post/page content: IDs of other posts/pages on the same blog linked within the content of each post/page certain external URLs contained within the content of ...
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detect referr page

I made custom template to randomly redirect users to posts with specific args I need to know if users reach the post from this page link or from another one I tried wp_get_referer(); but it's get ...
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How to use page jumps to top of banner and page title?

I've tried using page jumps as instructed by countless websites to "jump to the top of my page": Source code followed by destination code: <a href="top_page">LINK TEXT HERE</a> <a id=...
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What is the better for call files: bloginfo() or echo esc_url()?

Using the Theme Check for test the quality of my theme, it return my theme is using the bloginfo(); Ex: <img src="<?php bloginfo('template_url'); ?>/static/img/logo.svg" The Theme Check ...
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Send contact form to a specific referrer-email adres

My objective is to have a form that can be send to different email adresses, depending on the referrer. For example: If someone would share this link: The form should ...
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Previous page or reffer url in worpress

Is there any method to get the previous page /refer page url in wordpress. In my wordpress site there is a paypal form it include return url . So after payment complete it come back to the site. Now ...
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How can I include a file related to blog URL? Nothing seems to work

When I was building my website locally using WAMP, I was just using simple include '/extras/file.php'; Of course, that would start at the root folder, and look in the extras folder. However, now I'm ...
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Update references to pictures on website after moving to new URL

I moved my wordpress website to a new URL on the same server and managed to update most DB entries with the Velvet Blues Update URLs plugin. But the paths to my pictures, which are being used by the ...
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Is there a way to direct unregistered user to registration page when click a link?

everyone: this question seems pretty commmon to ask, but I did not find any answer. I was wondering, if there is a php function that I could use to direct a user to the site's registartion page, so ...
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Is there a list of all display functions for templates? [closed]

I am going to write my own post display thing, and I cannot find a list of all these type of functions: the_date(); the_title(); the_excerpt(); I'm sure there are more, but where can I find a ...
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Plugin for wikipedia style references in WP?

I find inline links offputting to read so want to use wikipedia style foot-of-article references with incremental numeric linking to the external link reference. I can just stick the HTML in but on ...
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Why, Where, and When to use reference pointers in filters/hooks?

Why, Where, and When to use reference pointers in filters/hooks? What are the potential cons of not using them when suggested or required? Just looking for a more detailed answer than the codex ...
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List of Body Classes Generated by body_class()

Does anyone know where I can get a list of all the body classes generated by body_class() for every sections and every conditions, including custom post-types, etc.? For example, for a search result ...
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Need resource on available functions and objects

I am a programmer, and love jQuery. Visual jQuery and other resources is THE best place to get all the code/function et get your hand dirty... But when it come to WordPress.. the code is too thin or ...
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WordPress training materials

Are there any good publicly-available WordPress training materials (videos, manuals, etc.) that could be used to give content editors a basic overview of WordPress? We have a handful of blogs on a ...
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Changing the visible url path to css & js files

Does anyone happen to know how I can automatically turn: into Naturally I could ...'s user avatar
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I'm looking for some good references (manuals)

I started a blog recently. Currently I'm using a free theme and some plugins that are working well enough for now. And, my overall goal is to produce content and not become a WordPress developer, etc. ...
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