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What should I do? A multisite, a single website or many websites? [closed]

I'm working on a big website project, we have some time allowed to redo the website first. Currently, it's a multisite with 2 working sites, one is the landing page and the main content, the other is ...
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Collaborative question/answer plugin for WordPress [closed]

I am looking for a collaborative question/answer plugin built in the same sort of style as StackOverflow. Features I am looking for: Profiles Index of questions with search by tag/title/contents ...
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Examples of WordPress being used as a CMS in a B2B market (Business-to-Business)

Can anyone provide me with some links to high profile sites that are using using WordPress as their CMS as a B2B marketing site? The reason why I am asking is that I'm putting together a proposal ...
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Plugin for wikipedia style references in WP?

I find inline links offputting to read so want to use wikipedia style foot-of-article references with incremental numeric linking to the external link reference. I can just stick the HTML in but on ...
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Options for Wiki WordPress

I would like to know my options for how best to use WordPress as a wiki. I tried Media Wiki, but the sheer amount of changes I need to make to code to make even trivial changes turned me off. Way off. ...
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Export a wordpress blog to a wiki

I have a wordpress blog and the posts would better suit a wiki format becuase I want to make them open to editing. Is there a way to conveniently export my posts so they can be imported by MediaWiki ...
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Does use a plugin of some sort? If so what plugin?

I'm attempting to set up a wiki within a Wordpress install and love the way is set up. Are they using a specific plugin to accomplish that or just well structured pages? Is there ...
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Can I use Pages like a Wiki

I would like to have a central place to keep my notes for projects. Does it make sense to use pages like a Wiki?
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Including post_type = 'wiki' in author archives

For a user with wiki-update permission only, I want to list their wiki articles in the author archive page. Currently, it comes back with "NOT FOUND Apologies, but ...". I am using the Twenty-ten ...
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Objective Best Practices for Plugin Development? [closed]

Starting a community wiki to collect up objective best practices for plugin development. This question was inspired by @EAMann's comments on wp-hackers. The idea is to collaborate on what objective ...
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What Features would you Most Like to See Added to WordPress? [closed]

I'm creating a community wiki to ask the following question: What features would you most like to see added to WordPress? This Question Implies a Few Things: It should surface the features ...