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WordPress Started Executing Code Inside PRE Tags Even They Are Properly Escaped

Note: I am using with latest updated WordPress. I have a Blog at and I share code snippet here also that was working before ...
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Write html code in comments

For example i am writing this html code into comment textarea <pre><code class="language-php"><?php echo esc_html( get_post_meta( get_the_ID(), ‘_spp_count’, true ) ); ?></code&...
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Keep pasted pre formatted code as it is -with tabs- in visual editor

I need a manual code to my functions php to extend the visual editor from removing tabs when pasting code blocks. I tried this code, found at this site, but it does not work as I want. If I got: ...
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How to set one white space as width as one character in wordpress?

My wp theme is twentyfifteen ,font in style.css is inherit,the font in firefox is noto mono. I found that one white space is as width as one character in wordpress development--this forum,two white ...
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How to order custom user list columns by datetime?

I am trying to add the ordering options to some custom user list columns I added in the Wordpress admin. This is my code : function mmm_user_sortable_columns_query( $userquery ){ if( 'test_date' ...
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Woocommerce Pre Orders view order link wrong [closed]

The link that the pre order module produces in My Account doesn't work. It has to display like this: /my-account/view-order/15977 but how it displays now is: /my-account/?order=15977. How can i change ...
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Need To Post Unformated Code

Im wanting to use wordpress to share some code snips. However when viewing the posts some of the code tries to format even though its in pre or code tags. Is there anyone way to modify <?php ...
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Including Angle Brackets In Pre Sections

I am attempting to post some java code between pre tags but the angel brackets get removed. For example: private HashMap<String, HashMap<String, Integer>> featureCounts; becomes ...
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replace html entities in posts between pre tags

I run a wordpress blog with a syntax highlighter plugin (Crayon). The plugin highlights code between pre tags, example: <pre class="lang:languageid" title="example"> some code </pre> ...
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Formatting with <pre>

I'm building a site that doesn't want any styling applied to the entry-content, because it should keep the formatting of the text. Bizarly, it works on old entries, but new entries via the front-end ...
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Can not call .php files after switching to %postname%

This $('#content').load("submenu.php"); works just fine with default permalinks When I switch to %postname% it does not work any more But, I can still go though to and it ...
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Wordpress automatically adds <pre> tags when pasting code, how to stop it?

I am presently learning PHP and Linux simultaneously. And I want to blog my notes not only for my future reference, but also because it could help others. I just noticed an issue with Wordpress - - ...
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