I'm having trouble updating or deleting anything from the plugins folder of my Wordpress install. I've tried manually deleting the plugins via FTP, but get an error message that way. I also get an error via SSH, saying I don't have permission for those files.

The plugins folder is owned and in the group www-data. Everything else is owned by the username bitnami. I'm hosted on Amazon Lightsail.

How can I change the folder ownership of /Plugins/ to bitnami so that I can edit the contents?

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    – bosco
    Aug 1, 2021 at 22:44

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I would check to see how your WordPress install is managed. Bitnami is a package manager, which means it probably manages updates and adding/removing plugins directly.

Another solution might be running this via SSH:

sudo chown -R bitnami:daemon /opt/bitnami/apps/wordpress/htdocs
sudo chmod -R g+w /opt/bitnami/apps/wordpress/htdocs
sudo chmod 640 /opt/bitnami/apps/wordpress/htdocs/wp-config.php

This was a solution on a Bitnami Forum.

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