So I have a custom post type that is called recipe and then I have a page called /recipes/ - What would be the proper way to hook a template for my recipes page?

I have the file single-recipe.php following the WordPress hierarchy with this inside:


Template Name: Recipe
Template Post Type: post, page

echo 'Hello';

But I'm not getting any templating output:
enter image description here

The below is my folder structure:

enter image description here


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The filename single-recipe.php is telling WordPress "only use this file to display single 'recipe' CPT posts."

If you want to use it as a Page template, you can either rename the file tpl-recipe.php (or something similar, it doesn't have to be this filename, it just has to not be a recognized pattern like single-cptslug.php) - in which case you'll have to manually choose that template every time you create a new Recipe -

Or, you can have two files. One named single-recipe.php which does NOT have the comments at the top, and one named tpl-recipe.php (or similar) which DOES have the comments at the top.

  • Ahh, I thought it had to be a WordPress hierarchy template name, thanks a bunch @WebElaine - I'll rename it soon.
    – DevSem
    Feb 12, 2020 at 0:44

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