I've read almost all similar questions suggested related to multisites, cPanel, subdomains, etc. but have not found a solution for what I want to setup.

I have a working WordPress site with ssl, WooCommerce, etc., hosted with cPanel. I've also some subdomains working with another applications and would like to setup a Multisite with subdomains.

I've read I should add a * "wildcard" subdomain pointing to public_html and that it should be added at bottom of the list

My questions are

1) Will I loose settings/info/data when WordPress tells me to disable my plugins for enabling/installing a Multisite Network?

2) What can I do with the * wildcard sub-domain to listed at bottom without contacting the hosting company? Is this requisite a must for all to work?

3) Can I also have another domain added in cPanel and use it for mapping one of the sub-sites to it? Which plugin is being used for this?

Thanks a lot for any guidance you can give

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1) No data/settings/options are lost, very rarely deleted, when deactivating plugins.

2) You do not need a wildcard subdomain unless you want to let visitors register for/create their own site/blog. But it doesn't hurt to have it. Else: explicitly add all subdomains in zone file.

3) In case you want several domains to map to the same site (special cases) you need Domain Mapping plugin. WP Multisite does not need domain mapping to respond to different domains for each site. (This is a common misunderstanding, though.)

All sudomains that shall be served by the multisite must point to the same root folder as WP is installed in. Use "subdomain install" in WP-config for both subdomains and separate domains.

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