I have a few dozen WordPress sites using the Classic Editor. When an Editor/Author/User logs in, they cannot access "wp-admin". All "admin" functions use custom pages on the front end of the site.

One of the pages lets users create/edit posts and uses the Classic Editor. Works just like the classic editor on the back end.

However, I'd like to transition users over to Gutenberg and I can't find any code examples for implementing Gutenberg on the front end of the site as an editor. Is it possible?

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As Tammy states here:

There is a plugin you may want to dig a little into https://github.com/tomjn/Frontenberg, this is purely a demonstration of putting Gutenberg on the front, not something that is planned yet. It may hold some insights though for you. Right now there is no option/shortcode to do this.

That was written a year and a half ago, so many things have changed. It may be simpler now.

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