I'm trying to add a dropdown to Wordpress core blocks to select a data attribute that will be added to the front-end (e.g. data-attr="value-from-dropdown").

I think the solution is to add a custom attribute to the core blocks, set it in the back-end and pass it to the front-end, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to add a new attribute to a core block. This here is the closest I've gotten, but this just lets me create a dropdown, running props.setAttribute() inside doesn't work.


Is there anything I can do, or is the functionality just not there yet?


First inside the edit function declare a variable with your dropdown option -

const linkOptions = [
        { value: 'small', label: __( 'Small' ) },
        { value: 'normal', label: __( 'Normal' ) },
        { value: 'medium', label: __( 'Medium' ) },
        { value: 'large', label: __( 'Large' ) },

I'm assuming you will be showing the dropdown option in the Sidebar panel. Here's the code for panelbody and how to get the dropdown value -

    label={ __( 'Size' ) }
    value={ size }
    options={ linkOptions.map( ({ value, label }) => ( {
    value: value,
    label: label,
    } ) ) }
    onChange={ ( newSize ) => { setAttributes( { size: newSize } ) } }

This will show a dropdown panel in the Inspector area, notice I'm using (ES6)Map function to iterate over the values and corresponding labels. Now, comes the RichText Component where you call the HTML nodes -

      tagName={ 'span' }
      placeholder={ __( 'Enter Text' ) }
      value={ text }
      onChange={ (text) => setAttributes( { text: text } ) }
      formattingControls={ [ 'bold', 'italic', 'strikethrough' ] }
      className={`button-${size}`} /*ES6 Template Literals*/
      isSelected={ isSelected }

Notice, Depending upon the dropdown option. Button size gets attached to the HTML node classname. Now in the editor stylesheet, Add couple of css class and properties -


For the save function -

const save = ( props ) => {

    const {  size } = props.attributes;

    return (
        <div className={ `ubutton-${size}` }>


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