I created a helper class to extend other classes for shortcodes.

When I try to use $this in the add_shortcode() function I'm getting this error:

Using $this when not in object context

How can I solve this?

Code below:

Parent Class

abstract class ShortcodeHelper {

    private $post_name_id;
    private $short_code_name;

     * ShortcodeHelper constructor.
     * @param $post_name_id
     * @param $short_code_name
    protected function __construct( $post_name_id, $short_code_name ) {
        $this->post_name_id      = $post_name_id;
        $this->short_code_name   = $short_code_name;

     * Sets shortcode for the ShortcodeHelper
    public function register() {
        add_shortcode( $this->short_code_name, $this->do_frontend_shortcode() );

    protected function do_frontend_shortcode() {
        echo 'Test! '.$this->metabox_id;

Child Class

    class TestForm extends ShortcodeHelper {

         * TestForm constructor.
        public function __construct() {

    new TestForm();
  • What did you find when you searched for this error?
    – Tim Malone
    Commented Jul 26, 2016 at 10:56

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If you are targeting class method you need to pass an array where first argument is class instance and second is method name as string.

Your add_shortcode line should look like this:

add_shortcode($this->short_code_name, array($this, 'do_frontend_shortcode'));

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