I have a geolocation shortcode which i am adding in the post editor to display different information based on user's location, works perfectly by having it in the post page content.

How can i execute this shortcode [geolocation][/geolocation] inside a PHP file of my theme? i am using a free to modify Wordpress theme and i want to add a new <span>[geolocation][/geolocation]Information text content</span> but inside the theme's .php file, how can i do that? if i add straight the <span>[geolocation][/geolocation]Information text content</span> it will show the shortcode as text, it won't execute, please help, thanks in advance.

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Found it: <?php echo do_shortcode( '[your shortcode goes here]' ); ?>


You can Execute the shortcode in php like the following

echo do_shortcode("[geolocation]");

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