My custom plugin is broken into two parts: a frontend.php and admin.php for loading code conditionally. Here is a rough outline of the code:

My plugin info here

if (is_admin()) {
} else {


I have written several shortcodes for use in pages and posts. In which file (admin.php or frontend.php) should code related to shortcodes be placed?

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Shortcodes are processed on display so the code must be available on the front end when the shortcode is processed. Superficially, that means frontend.php.

I have never tried to split shortcode code in this way. You may have trouble splitting it off from the backend. The add_shortcode function is in wp-includes/shortcodes.php which loads for both back and front, suggesting that it is at least possible that it is needed on the back end. I'd have to run some experiments...

  • I am testing it now. I put the entire shortcode-related code into frontend.php (the handler function as well as the add_shortcode line) and it seems to be working as expected. I will test some more later but I think it can stay there.
    – JimmyPena
    Commented Aug 5, 2013 at 13:33

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