To create a new CUSTOM section in my Customizer I do this...

    'title' => __('Upload a Logo', 'mb' ),
    'description' => __('Use an image for your Logo', 'mb'),
    'priority' => 35,
    'panel'  => 'main_panel',

How do I add a DEFAULT section like Title and Tagline to the section that I want? I would preferably like to move the Title and Tagline (not have it display twice) to the section of my choosing. I have tried many different combinations of code but nothing works and the codex is extremely vague about this topic.

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Default WordPress sections,into Customization API, are located in wp-includes/class-wp-customize-manager.php file from line 912.

You can add any control,settings or section via your customization file, so you don't need hack WP Core Files.

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