Is there a way to update an older post without republishing the post?

If I am looking at a previously published post and discover a misplaced comma or reformat an image I don't need all my RSS and email subscribers to receive that post in their feed. This is especially an issue if I want to fix issues in multiple posts on the same day.

I saw something somewhere about changing the post to private, saving, and then setting the post back to public but that seems to also require publishing to reset the post.

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No... Your users won't receive the post again in their feeds when you click update button. That's how WordPress works.

So don't be afraid to click update button

Dashboard -> All Posts -> Edit -> Make changes -> Click update button

PS: If you still afraid, do a little experiment.

By default your feed url looks like this.


Go to that url. Note the first 5 feed url.

Now edit the post of your 2nd feed url, make some changes and click update button..

Visit your feed page again. See.. Your post not appearing again.

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