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Programatically download a plugin

I'd like to programmatically download a plugin from the WordPress official repo, using a link/id/whatever identifier token. How could this be achieved?
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how to restore one day before deleted data in wordpress?

Yesterday i accidently deleted very important people page data ,is it possible to restore that data and it is not available in trash
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Plugins or Tutorials for displaying data from SQL-db on WP-page? [closed]

I have a custom weather-station on a Raspberry Pi 3 with a local LAMP-setup running. The sensordata is stored in it's own database. The job for Wordpress is just to have a easy (somewhat) WYSIWYG-...
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Suggestions on Approach to New Plugin I'm Stuck On

I'm a newbie plugin developer, and I've had an idea for what I though would be a simple to build debut plugin, but I seem to have reached a brick wall with it and wonder if anyone can suggest some ...
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Retrieve data from multiple Wordpress sites using PHP script

I want to run a PHP script that iterates over WordPress sites found in a certain folder and read the plugins info per each site using get_plugin function In the code below, I try to require API ...
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Is it save to require plugin.php early to be able to use get_plugin_data() earlier?

I'd like to avoid hard coding my plugin's version at multiple places. To realize this the function get_plugin_data() comes in handy. But here the fun comes to an unpleasant stop. Checking for a plugin ...
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Unable to retrieve data from multiple Wordpress websites on same server

I am trying to retrieve data from multiple client Wordpress websites on a single php page. So I can monitor all these websites without going through each one. I am able to display data from one ...
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Get file headers in custom file

in my one of my plugins i have modules (kind of like plugins in a plugin), is there a function like get_plugin_data() or wp_get_theme() that will allow me to get the header section of a custom file (...
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WordPress Multisite - get_plugin_data()

I use WordPress Multisite. I have multiple sites with plugins installed. I can successfully get a list of the plugin paths with the option value active_plugins from each site. I can not get ...
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"Master" Wordpress Multisite - Database Sync

I've had an idea in my head about creating a Wordpress Multisite environment that would have Plugins along with them that would not only have "default" settings, but be able to update each blog's ...
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Call to undefined function `get_plugin_data()`

I have a class inside a file that i include_once() from the functions.php of my theme. The class can be used as stand alone plugin, or integrated in a theme. Inside the class i want to fill a class ...
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