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Returns general information about the theme, such as name, version and license.

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Manipulate theme version - hook into wp_get_theme()

I want to alter the version of a theme, returned by wp_get_theme(). I checked in the source code, and saw that wp_get_theme() returns new WP_Theme( $stylesheet, $theme_root ); and there is no hook ...
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Get parent theme version

How do I get the parent theme's version in a child theme? I want to use it when loading the parent theme's stylesheet. Here's how I load the stylesheets in the child theme's functions.php file: ...
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Get Parent Theme Author Name

I want to to get the Author name of the Parent theme. I can get the theme name using wp_get_theme() to get the theme object of the current (child) theme. From this I can get the parent theme name. ...
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If has_term, load other theme

This is what I want to accomplish. I've created a taxonomy called categorie with the terms app, web and branding. When a project has the term app, I want to load another theme / blog. When a project ...
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Get file headers in custom file

in my one of my plugins i have modules (kind of like plugins in a plugin), is there a function like get_plugin_data() or wp_get_theme() that will allow me to get the header section of a custom file (...
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Allow user to select a theme to install when they signup

Is it possible to allow a user to select which theme they would like installed from the new site signup page? And once the site is created, it obviously installs whichever theme they chose. I found ...
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use wp_get_theme() to get theme author name

As of wordpress 3.4 we're supposed to use wp_get_theme to return theme data. $theme = wp_get_theme(); //var_dump($theme); echo $theme->Author; despite the var_dump indicating the correct ...
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