I am using a plugin to add tweet, likes... This plugin add filters to the_content() to display this social buttons on a blog page (list of posts).

I coded a shortcode which does a custom SQL query which displays posts. I even added apply_filters( 'the_content', get_the_content() ) for these filters to be applied on get_the_content(). I added the shortcode on a page. The only one problem is that the buttons "like", "tweet" are not "linked" to the different posts but to the page.

For instance, on one post, i have 2 likes and 10 tweets in a normal way and they are displayed on this page with a count of 0. I believe this buttons are in fact linked to the page and not to the posts. I tried with adding other plugins like voting, it is the same: the vote on the posts are not displayed..

I just want this buttons to be displayed like in a normal post loop. Is it a way to add this filters on the_content() in the shortcode loop and not in the the_content in the page. The blog list works well, votes and buttons are correctly displayed. I want the same behavior on a page with a shortcode displaying posts, is it possible?

Thank you for your answers!

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I found an alternative solution, I had just to use a new template with the loop to avoid this problem witha loop in shortcodes and everything works well for now.

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