In my woocommerce store I have a Sale Products page. In this page I use the shortcode to display the products on sale

[sale_products per_page="40" columns="3"]

In the store the products are ordered according to their position in a list in the backend (accessible via the Products->sort products link). This sorts them on normal category pages but on a shortcode page they are sorted by title. I know there is an orderby attribute I can add but is there an argument that will achieve this?

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You can try to order by menu_order like this:

[sale_products per_page="40" columns="3" orderby="menu_order"]

if the corresponding callback is using WP_Query() to query the products.

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    There is a documentation for Woocommerce Shortcodes. Available args are listed for each shortcode, the [sale_products] shortcode has: per_page, columns, orderby and order. @harryg Oct 31, 2013 at 17:22

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