Each time i make a new post I cant see it ok my website when I view it. The front page (which is blank) seems to override my posts. How do I remove it or change the settings

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I assume you have an error (php or js) on your front page. In order to elaborate on the situation, you have to check the following things:

  1. Go to your home page and check any issues the Chrome Debugger Tool. Check the console tag specifically. Hope you might see something suspicious there.

  2. Check the front page template, Settings->Reading->Home page displays You can turn the selected page on or off and check any changes.

  3. Enable wp_debug mode on your wp-config.php file to see any issues on your site.

  4. Enable PHP error log on your site and check log details.

  5. I hope one of the above steps could tell you something, but If you don't see any clue along the way, it might be an infinite loop in your php.

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