I'm looking any solutions how to add custom button to top toolbar in Gutenberg editor. I want to add button like "Design Library" in Kadence Blocks plugin. As far as I know there is no official way for that, but Kadence did it somehow.

enter image description here

Any advice?

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Here’s how Kadence does it. I'd avoid hacks like that if possible but I'm not sure what your requirements are.

Some alternative ideas (not mutually exclusive):

  • Use plugin sidebar
  • Add a command to do whatever the button would
  • Add a keyboard shortcut to do whatever the button would

On that third item I don't know of a good documentation example of how to do it but here’s the relevant parts in core of how it's done for the Keyboard Shortcut Help modal. It's a two-step of registerShortcut/useShortcut.

  • Thanks! I'll look into this!
    – D_P
    Aug 16, 2023 at 8:39

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