I'd like to make sure that the customizations I made to a plugin doesn't get overwritten by a future update, so I'd like to somehow disable updates for that particular plug (and only that plugin). Am I able to just change the name of the plugin and that will work, or is there something I can do (beside backups) to make sure it isn't accidentally updated with some other plugins?

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    what did you change in the plugin? You're meant too modify plugin behaviour using hooks and filters
    – Tom J Nowell
    Oct 25, 2021 at 21:12

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 function AS_disable_plugin_updates( $value ) {
  //create an array of plugins you want to exclude from updates ( string composed by folder/main_file.php)
   $pluginsNotUpdatable = [

  if ( isset($value) && is_object($value) ) {
    foreach ($pluginsNotUpdatable as $plugin) {
        if ( isset( $value->response[$plugin] ) ) {
            unset( $value->response[$plugin] );
  return $value;
add_filter( 'site_transient_update_plugins', 'AS_disable_plugin_updates' );
  • Where to put this? In functions.php?
    – WendiT
    Feb 8 at 9:10
  • Yes that's One option Feb 9 at 10:54

Updates for plugins often include bug fixes and security patches, so ideally you wouldn't want to not update them for both functionality and security reasons.

If you want to customize the functionality of a plugin, I'd recommend creating your own plugin that extends the other plugin's functionality instead of editing the other plugin's files directly. This will ensure that you can still update the plugin without your changes being overwritten.

If you're still intent on ensuring that the plugin doesn't get updated, make sure that "Automatic Updates" is disabled for that plugin on the plugins page in wp-admin. With automatic updates turned off, the only way the plugin would update is if you manually choose to do so.


Follow these steps to disable updates for a specific plugin:

  1. Go to the plugin main file containing plugin name and other details
  2. Change the version to 1.0 and save it.
  3. Rename the plugin folder name to any name you want.

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