I have developed a plugin for my client, but for some reason, its saying that update is available.Whereas i have no idea how to feed a update. The plugin says in update field, about author with a different name (not me), its a totally confused situation. If someone hit update, my plugin can be overwritten by someone else.
Why is it happening? How i make sure it is not updated by any other means, only if i have feed it to update.

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  • Probably has the same name as a plugin on the repo – Andrew Bartel Jan 7 '14 at 21:46

WordPress’ update checker is known to be quite greedy. To prevent these notices:

  • use a unique name for your plugin
  • use a unique directory name
  • filter http_request_args and prevent your plugin from being checked (example)
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If you are not looking towards any future updates yourself, Put the plugin version number as 9999. This will prevent any update notices as 9999 is quite a bigger number for version.

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