Looking at the below article, I took a liking to the way the author included his bio (as a clickable little bio box that pops up).


Does anybody know where I could find a plugin to do such a thing? All the plugins I've found are for sticking bios at the end of posts, in widgets, hovering over the name, etc...

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Try the Wordpress Author Pop-up plugin.

This plugin does the same thing as the the_author tag, displays the author name, only this time it's linked to hidden layer (div). By clicking on the author link the hidden layer(div) pop's up with author info gathered from the profile page, plus gravatar photo (if author email is assigned with one) & social links from profile custom fields.

  • In case anyone ends up here looking for a solution... It's worth noting that the above plugin hasn't been updated for 5yrs now. Oct 22, 2016 at 23:14

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